ARM Aviación is a family business, with more than 45 years of experience providing services in the Mesoamerican territory. Pioneers civil aviation company in Guatemala, leading the national market.

Committed to our clients, providing the best service, constantly updating and training our collaborators to comply with international civil aviation safety and security standards.

Currently our company covers private and charter flights, national and international, in Central America, with more than 40 destinations.

We have strategic alliances with other operators, to cover more destinations all over Central America.

Nuestro Equipo

For ARM Aviación, human capital is very valuable. We currently have around 100 collaborators, who stands out in their daily work for being professionals in their field.

In our company, fleet maintenance is done in an internal department. This allows us to adequately supervise the manufacturers' safety and quality standards.

Our team of pilots, is the most qualified in the area. We are constantly updating according to the training programs approved by Civil Aviation from Guatemala. In addition, recurring training is given within our facilities to maintain and evaluate the knowledge of our staff.

Nuestros Valores Agregados

Personalized attention.

Flights schedules flexibility.

Flights at client´s convenience.

Avoid airline schedules.

Avoid airports setbacks.

First-class facilities with a 24-hour parking and security.

Quality, safety and maintenance standards of the manufacturers are met by our aircrafts.

Certified by the Civil Aviation (DGAC) and OACI international standards.

Civil liability insurance is included.

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