We make the inaccessible, accessible and secure

Our company is committed to our clients to provide them with the best attention in each of our services, that is why we are constantly updating and at the same time and at the same time training our collaborators to comply with the international safety and security standards of our international safety and civil aviation safety standards.


We cover every corner of the Republic of Guatemala.

ARM Aviacion offers different services such as: Private or Charter flights, Cargo and / or Courier, Skydiving, Fumigation and Spraying, Fire Fighting, Air Ambulance and Humanitarian Aid. Our main destinations are Tikal, Copan, Puerto Barrios, Chiquimula, Huehuetenango, Xela, Retalhuleu, among others. We have the ideal fleet to operate within the Republic of Guatemala on short runways.


In the world, forest fires are the most important cause of forest destruction. In a forest fire, not only trees and bushes are lost, but also houses, animals, work sources and even human lives.

In ARM Aviation we have more than 10 years of experience in fighting forest fires. We reach remote places.

Our Services

Charter and Private Flights
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Cargo and Courier
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Air Ambulance
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Aerial Fumigation
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Humanitarian Aid
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Pet Friendly
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National and International Flights

National Flights

We have flights for the North Region, Northern Transversal Strip, West Region, South Coast Region and East Region.

International Flights

We have flights to Belize, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Traveling With Us

Why do people prefer to travel with us?

Because our main objective is the safety of our operation and first class personalized customer service and therefore we are constantly updating and at the same time training to meet international standards of safety and service.

In ARM Aviation we are one of the pioneers of civil aviation in Guatemala, being currently the leaders in the national market for private flights, charter, cargo, air ambulances, among others.

Introducing Our Fleet

Beechcraft Baron C55

Beechcraft Baron twin-engine piston aircraft, Bonanza variant, 4-6 seats, Continental IO-520-C engines, ideal for short distances in Central America.

Aerocommander 500

Light aircraft propelled by piston and Twin Commander turboprop, panoramic view, 6 passengers, famous single-engine flight, range 5 hours.

Cessna Caravan 208B

Single-engine turboprop Cessna Caravan, 12 passengers, cargo, ambulance, parachuting, short take-off, best-selling single-engine in the world.

Embraer 110P1

Embraer Bandeirante twin-engine turboprop, versatile, 19 passengers or 3000 lb load, fast and valid for civil and military tasks.

Let L-410 Turbolet

Czech-Russian aircraft, it is known for its ability to operate in short runways and extreme conditions. Popular since its debut in 1969, with more than 1200 units sold.

Twin Otter DHC-6

STOL Havilland Canada aircraft, fixed gear, STOL skills, successful in cargo and regional transport, ideal for difficult topographical conditions.

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