Cessna Caravan 208B

Cessna Caravan 208B, also known as the Cargo Master, is an American-made turboprop aircraft by the Cessna company.

It is a single-engine, turboprop and high-wing aircraft with a 12 passenger’s capacity. Special for hard work.

Take off and landing on short runways. Ideal for cargo transport, air ambulance, skydiving, and passenger’s transportation who enjoys its comfort and excellent panoramic view. Cessna Caravan is the best-selling single-engine in the world, making it a reliable, efficient and safe aircraft.

Uses: Cargo, passengers, skydiving, air ambulance and humanitarian aid.

Cessna Caravan
Aircraft Type Cessna 208B Caravan
Passengers 12
Load 3,000 lbs
Short Runways Yes

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